Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Atomizer

1. Why atomizer has the problem of leaking oil?

This problem may cause by the following three reasons:

a. Clearomizer didn't get enough atomizing so that the e-juice running from air slot

b Both of user's improper handling and the informal fashion to add e-liquid may cause the Clearomizer not work.

c. The gap between clearomizer and the connection of drip dip may lead to a bad seal, so it will has the problem of leaking oil to some extent, but it will not affect the usage of the device. We advice customer when you don't use your device, please put it in a spare room and give your device a cover on drip tip, it is a effective way to stop e-juice from leaking.

2. What elements can generate great clouds of smoke?

The main three factors are: e-cigs, e-juice, and users.

For e-cig devices:

a. Control the air capacity when it go into the atomizer.

b. For same atomizer, if the adjustable voltage is high, it will generate more smoke.

c. For same battery, if the atomizer has a sub resistance, it will generate less smoke.

E-juice: The ratios of PG/VG is the affected factors, if VG has a high percentage, it will generate more smoke.

Users: NO doubt if you have a good lung volume and capacity, so you will get more smoke.

3. Why e-cigs can generate noises when using?

Please don't worry about the unaccountable noise when using a e-cig, it is the sound of atomizing e-juice, e-juice can be sublimed to gas in moment, it will experience a drastic physical change when sublimed, so it will generate the unaccountable noise, it is normal.

4. What is a re-buildable atomizer?

Rebuildable Atomizer is called RBA for short. Its meaning is re-buildable atomizer,it is the collectively called for re-buildable atomizer.

Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer is called RDA for short. It appoints to the atomizer which can release oil drop by drop, it is used for contest and thick somke.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is called RTA for short. It appoints to the atomizer which can save e-juice, it is the common choice for vapors.

Cleaning Atomizer,it appoints to the atomizer which is well-made but not for re-build usage again, it need to change a new one after the drain to some extent.

5. What is the short circuit of atomizer, will it be danger?

At the bottom of atomizer, it had both positive and negative side, PC is used for the insulators usually, short circuit means the current do not go through the coils, while form a short connection at the bottom, it is dangerous, because the short connection may has a low voltage but let out a high current, and become very hot, for some poor quality e-cigs, it may has the risk of explosion.

6. What are the advantages of Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer?

Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer(RDA) usually has sub ohm but high output. It needs to evaporate lots of e-juice to generate heat. It is the most effective way to wick, that is drip e-juice directly from the cotton on coils, at the same time the thick smoke will bring vapors a better taste, and it is the final choice for buff-bots. But it needs a good hand on skill and professional knowledge for RDA, in addition, RAD is high consumption.

7. How long can be used for a Cleaning Atomizer?

According to the different frequency counts, Cleaning Atomizer also has a different service life, here offer you an easy way to justify that is when the taste of the same e-juice is change, vapors need to change another Cleaning Atomizer.

8. Why the e-juice can leak from the air holes?

It may caused by several reasons, such as the tank is not closed to the o-ring, or the o-ring is broken, or vapors purchased a poor quality atomizer, or the poor seal quality.

9. What is single coil, Dual coil? What are the advantages for multiple coils? 

Single coil, Dual coil appoint to the quantities of coils on atomizer, vapors can make grate clouds by add the quantities of coils or change the contact area between-juice and coils.


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Hi Guy,thanks; the TC work by the xhip reading ohm change; the Ni200,Ti01,ss316... material coil, the ohm will be change by the temperature change, then the chip work on TC;
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Dear Pioneer4yoy,As you may know many ipv eclipse face a problem at reading the correct ohms at tc modes.Mine and while it works perfect in power mod when in tc mod it doesnt read the coil correct.So are you planning to come up with a firmware upgrade soon in order to fix the problem?
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