Frequently Asked Questions about electronic cigare

1. What is electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette also be called vapor cigarettes, it is a noncombustible substitute cigarette. Compared with traditional tobacco, it has no combustibility, no tars, and no second hand smoking.

2. Does electronic cigarette harmful to humans' health?

Electronic cigarette is safe, not poisonous or toxic and without any side effect to human, electronic cigarette had accept the test of national related department and got the test report, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Preventio(The China CDC)and Environment &Health related products safety issued 《test report》,electronic cigarette also was tested by European related nations and got the certification of CE and ROHS.

3. Hierarchy of e-cigs

Electronic cigarette comes in many shapes and sizes, but it basically has the same hierarchy, it is mainly consists of atomizer and box (battery), the atomizer including juice tank, clearomizer, drip tip, bottom base and etc.

4. How electronic cigarette works?

Electronic cigarette get power or energy from battery, then heat the coils in atomizer, change the e-juice into steam vapor, then drawn it into user's mouth by drip tip.

5. What is FDA? What is the relationship between FDA and electronic cigarette?

FDA is abbreviated from Food and Drug Administration, it is the counterpart of China's Ministry of Health. FDA is in charge of the drugs, foods, biological products, veterinary medicines, makeup and medical appliances of United States, and it also make efforts on protecting.

6. The differences between traditional tobacco and Electronic cigarette

a. Electronic cigarette is more healthier than traditional tobacco, electronic cigarette do not has harmful substances, such as tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, acrolein, Arsenic, lead, mercury and etc., so e-cigs will reduce the harm to vapors. In addition, nicotine will form the sol after the process of condensation, Aerosols will be dilute in the air rapidly, while the low density aerosols is hard to reabsorb, so will not form the second hand smoke.

b. Electronic cigarette is more safer, it do not need light up, so it don't exist fire danger.

c. Electronic cigarette is more environmental, no pollution, no second hand smoke, no soot, no cigarette butts, and without electromagnetic interference (EMI).

7. Can electronic cigarette help vapors enjoy a cigar?

Absolutely! Smoking habit can be defined as person who has reliance to smoke. This reliance can be divided into physical dependence and psychological dependence. Physical dependence is mainly point to people have the reliance to nicotine, while psychological dependence points to people have the reliance to behavior, habits. Electronic cigarette is without combustibility, its taste is familiar with traditional tobacco, so it can satisfies the needs of vapors.

8. Can e-cigarettes be used to quit smoking?

The inventors of the electronic cigarette is no not for quitting smoking, it used to replace the traditional tobacco which is harmful to people's health, but it also has the successful examples for quitting skoming by use e-cigs.

9. What is the works for e-cigarettes?

The behaves for e-cigarettes is very simple, it adopts the e-juice which contains nicotine (from high lever to low lever), till the concentration of the nicotine is zero, so it can replace the traditional tobacco to help vapors get rid of the reliance of nicotine, so approach the aim of quitting somking, it also be called the treatment of replacing nicotine.

10. What groups dose electronic cigarette suitable for?

Common populations: For people who addicted to smoking for a long time but do not get a good vaping experience, for people who work for a smoking place, for people who want to quit smoking.

Avoided groups: infants, pregnant women, people who has no smoking habits and people who is allergic to nicotine.

11. Will people have the adverse reactions after using the electronic cigarette?

Under the normal usage of e-cigs will not generate the adverse reactions, some people will felt faint and sick after using e-cigs, it is because they had a fast vaping experience, vapors can stop vaping for a while, so the discomfort may be gone.

12. Can electronic cigarette be taken on airplane?

In order to make sure the security of other passengers and flight safety, we advice you take out the batteries and to consign the luggage, take any necessary actions to eliminate the related risks on air.

13. Can electronic cigarette be taken on train?

Although electronic cigarette is different with traditional tobacco, vapors should not vaping among passengers, because there are amount of people who do not familiar with e-cigs, for morality concerning, vapors shouldn't bring inconvenience to people who around themselves, vapors can go the smoking area to enjoy vaping.

14. Can electronic cigarette be in public?

There is no laws refuse vapors to use e-cigs in public at present, but the guidance of public opinions for e-cigs are not clear. In order not to add the psychological burden to people around you, please do not use e-cigs in public as possible as you can.

15. Will e-cigs generates second hand smoke pollution?

Of course not, firstly, e-cigs do not have tar, so it will not remain the tar droplets, in addition, the smoke will not cause the damage for people's body. The aerosol that e-cigs generating will volatiles rapidly in air, so it will bring the pollution to sounded people and environment, the principal constituent of e-juice is propylene glycol, it has a safe and stable disinfection effect, and also get the certification of pathology experience.

16. Does vapor has the same feeling and taste when using electronic cigarette and traditional tobacco?

The feeling and taste is different completely when using electronic cigarette and traditional tobacco, e-cigs do not have a strong excitement like traditional tobacco, it has its own style, it may be more softer, there is no comparability between e-juice and traditional tobacco for their taste.

17. Will the taste of electronic cigarette more slightly lean finish?

The electronic cigarette adopts condensation theory, users puff vapors, dodo not have tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or some other gas which may cause cancer, so for some old vapors, the taste of e-cigs may felt more slight, but it is more health.

18. Why have the burn taste when vaping?

The burn taste is caused by the run out of e-liquid, please replace or add e-liquid in time, it can be normal used after seven or eight seconds.

19. How long electronic cigarette can be used?

The batteries and atomizer of electronic cigarette can be put through a cycle, e-juice is consumable products, vapors should repurchase it.

20. The charging time for electronic cigarette

The batteries for electronic cigarette is lithium Battery, according to the different capacity, the charging time is also different, for a 2500mah 18650, it needs four to six hour to charge.

21. What is the smoke when using electronic cigarette for vaping?

The smoke puffed by electronic cigarette is the condensed moisture, the smoke puffed from your mouth is vapor, it is a process change from a liquid state to gaseous, without generate chemicals, so it won't generate second hand smoke, and it do not remain any kind of foreign smell in air.

22. How to select good electronic cigarette?

a. the volume of smoke

All the frame design of e-cigs, including airflow, to make sure the air system is smoothly, a good e-cigs can ensure the grate vapor and the stability of the vapor volume.

b. the advantages or disadvantages for the atomizer

Atomizer is the key part of electronic cigarettes, a good e-cigs always matches with a good atomizer.

c. The length for the batteries use

Batteries have a close relationship with atomizer, change from a liquid state to gaseous need lots of power, so how long can the batteries last is the standards to check whether the electronic cigarette is outstanding or not.

d. The form of e-cigs

A good product has a crisp appearance, closed design, and full of matchless workmanship, and it also bring people a enjoyable feeling, it is helpful for quitting smoke.

e. The taste

The e-juice determines the taste of e-cigs, vapor need to adjust and try continuously to find a suitable e-liauid.

23. What should be notice when purchase electronic cigarette?

Do not to keen on gaining petty advantages, please buy electronic cigarette which produce by normal factory, and it is in high quality, some products in lower price and do not have quality guaranteed will easy to broken and harmful to your health.


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